New Titan Industrial 3" Trash Pump

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Brand: Titan Industrial
Model: TTP-300
Classification: 3" Trash Pump
Year: 2007
SN #: TTP-02770
MSRP: $1720

Running Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Out of Warranty - Sold AS IS
Discharge Rate: 264 GPM
Intake/Discharge: 3"
Engine: Titan 5.5 HP Gasoline
Fuel Cap. 2.3 Gallons
Dimensions: 36" W x 21 1/2" D x 25" H
Machine Weight: 84 Lbs

This is a brand new, 3" Trash pump from Titan Industrial. Its 5.5 hp engine pushes this pump to a 264 GPM rate to will handle many of your pumping needs.

The intake and discharge ports on this pump are 3" and come complete with "hose-barb" connectors to adapt 3" hoses without fittings. The ports are also threaded to accept hoses with fittings.

Included with the pump is an intake filter screen out oversized debris that would clog the pump. The 3" hoses are not included with the unit.

The TTP-300 is mounted on a wheeled frame for portability and at just 84 lbs can easily be picked up and placed in a pickup or utility truck.